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Testing Services

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Educational Evaluations for Language and Literacy and Mathematics


Starting at $800 - $1000
 (depending on the time needed to complete all testing and report writing.)
$100 Deposit to hold the date. 
Disclaimer: These costs would be out of pocket, since we do not accept insurance for academic testing or services. 


We offer independent educational evaluations in the areas of speech and language, reading, writing and mathematics. Students are tested on Saturdays so that school attendance is not affected.

Academic Consultation Services  Related to Special Education Process

$75 per hour
15 minutes File Review 
45 minutes Consultation Meeting 


We also offer consultation services for families of children who need to undergo a special education process such as an IEP or a 504 Plan deliberation. This service helps children with disabilities and special needs to better participate and succeed in school. Collaborative work is an important factor in the promotion of an individual’s growth. Literacy Learning Solutions, LLC provides a venue for the family to participate in a collaboration process as specialized learning plans are being considered for their child. This is conducted in a team-spirited and collegial approach as a partnership between us, the family and the other educational professionals involved with the student. Moreover, we are staffed by public school teachers who are adept at partnering with school personnel to enable success for students.

Home-schooled Student Portfolio Review 

$100 Flat Fee


Our practice provides home school portfolio evaluations and can offer homeschool families advice on language, literacy, and numeracy programming for their children.

What Clients Say

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